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Gelish DIP

What is the difference between UV Gel Polish (Gelish) and Gelish DIP - The main difference is strength. So if you have weak nails Gelish DIP will be perfect for you as it will give you natural or coloured nails that will last up to 3 weeks. Your nails are dipped into a powder and then activated and glossed. No light is required. Your UV Gelish polish the gel is applied like a polish and dried under a UV/LED light.

How long does it last - Gelish DIP can last up to 3 weeks and will grow with your natural nail.

Can you refill it - Yes you can but you will have to refill it with the same colour. Otherwise it is soaked off and redone

How is it removed - It is the same method of removal as UV Gel Polish. It is soaked in acetone for 10 mins then removed.

How long does it take to have done - 40minutes for application and 60mins for removal and application. If you would like the length of your nail beds extended with tips and then the Gelish DIP over it will take 90min. If you had a special event and 2 nails broke we can put a tip on those 2 and apply Gelish DIP colour of your choice so that they all look a perfect length and shape.

Benefits and features - It’s lightweight, durable, odor free, no sculpting required, minimal filing and super glossy.