Slow Down And Soothe Your Soul ...

Slow Down And Soothe Your Soul ...

Rituals are my favorite! The products are inspired by rituals all over the world and every product line has his own effect on your body and mind, I tried them all!

Every two season's they have a limited edition, this winter it is 'THE RITUAL OF LIGHT' inspired by ancient light ceremonies around the world. A ritual that helps you slow down and soothe your soul.

The ingredients are sweet orange and cinnamon. Sweet Orange is a Chinese symbol for happiness and fortune and has a wonderfully uplifting aroma transforming your day with energizing positivity. Cinnamon has been used as an ingredient throughout history. Because of its warm, refined aroma, it has relaxing and soothing properties on body and soul.

Step 1: Body Scrub

Massage the body scrub over damp skin using circular movements. Rinse with warm water. The combination of organic sugar and oils nourishing and vitalizing the skin.

Step 2: Show Foam

A small amount of gel transforms into rich relaxing foam when contacts with water.

Step 3: Body Cream

The rich and creamy lotion will moisture the skin and leave it feeling silky soft, for daily use.

Step 4: Bath Foam

Pour a dash of bath foam under the hot tap while running a bath. Sink back into the rich, silky soft bubbles. Your skin wil feel rich and silky after using taking a bath

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