I'm so happy to finally announce that I'm the new ambassador of the international jewelry brand My iMenso. It's gonna be an exciting year with a lot of photo and video assignments home and abroad, and acte de présences on international events.

Elegant, unique and personal is the perfect description of My iMenso. Their mission is to inspire women to create her unique and personal piece of high-quality jewelry, which expresses her personality and can be individualized for every moment and occasion.

MY iMenso’s concept is a sterling silver medallion on a chain which can be opened on both sides. This then allows the wearer to choose an ‘insignia’ to insert into the medallion, giving each jewel a personal and unique touch.

They only use 925 silver and natural materials for their jewelry. You will have the medallion for always, the insignia’s you can change continuously.

MY iMenso: forever yours, always new!

Facebook: @MYiMenso
Instagram: @MYiMenso