Say Hello To My Fuzzy Friend ...

Say Hello To My Fuzzy Friend ...

Did you know that Kipling is designed by three friends from Antwerp? They wanted each Kipling Bag to be iconic, chic, feminine and fashionable. Kipling takes its name from the author of 'The Jungle Book', Rudyard Kipling.

The furry and fabulous monkey is the mascot of Kipling because they are the world's best-traveled primates, that's why your Kipling Bag is the best way to travel. There named after associates around the world. Within no time they became a phenomenon, almost everyone knows about Kipling Bags today, every kid has one to go to school with.

I really love this fun and totally irresistible Furry Phaenna clutch. It's the newest fashion trend, he's so soft and makes me instantly happy, I wear it for almost every occasion as wristlet or clutch.

Something about this clutch made me think of champagne glasses, bare legs, silky dresses, fur coats and expensive lipstick. Due to having all-day meetings I chose a casual but kinda smart outfit. You can never go wrong with leather pants and ankle boots. 

It’s the sweetest and cutest thing in the whole world. It carries with a great style, all which us girls need to have: phones, cards, money, lipstick… Maybe I can’t carry my whole life in it, but who the hell needs to when it looks sooooo cute and stylish?

Why am I loving KIPLING BAGS? The quality of their clutches and bags are amazing. Easy to style and affordable. I never thought Kipling would be on my list of favorite brands, but it is!!

I LOVE carrying my furry tiny clutch everywhere. It makes me feel pretty, stylish and kinda sexy grabbing onto it or carrying it under my arm. Perfection! 

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