My First Beauty Item on TV ... The Next Step!

My First Beauty Item on TV ... The Next Step!

I'm so excited to announce you that from now on I will give you every month the latest Tips & Tricks about Beauty, Fashion, Health and Lifestyle on TV!! It's called Living Plus on RTV/TV Plus.

Living Plus is a lifestyle program where Maarten Cox, also one of the regular faces of the popular music channel Ment TV, receives guests to talk about the latest trends. With numerous guests from the wide world of culture and events. Enjoying eye for culinary, fashion, interior design and the latest digital trends. In short: a flashy program on and trendy people and things! Every week on TV Plus!

This is the first broadcast about the DIY Body Scrub I wrote about in my Valentine Blog. I'm so glad everyone enjoyed making this product.

Check out the blog regularly for updates about Beauty and Lifestyle!!

See you soon!

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