My Fitvia 4-week detox program!

My Fitvia 4-week detox program!

Spring is in town ...

So I wanted to start to detox my body, That's why I'm gonna follow a hight-effective 4-weeks detox program from Fitvia. Since a week I'm drinking the Complete Berry Detox tea set and I want to give you my first impressions on it.

I drink a cup fruity Fit Berry Detox tea in the morning to get energy all day long. It helps if you also want to lose some weight and supports your natural hydration. The raspberries infuse the tea with a delicious berry note, ginger contains your body with vitamins and minerals and the nettle leaves give you a feeling of well-being and lightness.

With the Bamboo Thermo, I can take my tea on the go to enjoy it while I'm driving to work or during my workout.

I chose the Pure Night Detox tea because I wanted to prolong the detox effect to my evenings, I was not able to do that because of the caffeine contained in the other detox teas. I'm so happy that this product is available and I got it as soon as it was online! Perfect to finish your day in a relaxed and healthy mindset. The cool thing about Pure Night Detox is that the tea contains Rose petals and Moringa leaves, they are famous for their soothing effects and their great detox power.

I advise drinking the Fit Berry Detox tea in the morning to start the day fresh, and to have a cup of the Pure Night Detox tea in the evening after work - the combination makes the most effective detox program for a great feeling day and night. My sleep improved since a few days and I wake up with full of energy, purified and very well rested.

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