"No matter what style or personal color palette, Gelish Dip, has got you covered"

Of course, I discussed this topic in my Beauty Item on Living Plus! If you missed it you can check it here! Everyone loves the new Gelish DIP, it's so easy and strong I'll never want something else!

Remember the time when you would put glue on your nail and dip it in powder to keep them from breaking? It was the easiest thing to do at the least costly expense. They always say what’s old is new again and that has certainly held true in 2017.

Gelish has come up with their own powder dip system which is taking the nail industry by storm.

It comes in different colored powders and the activators needed to seal the deal. This is another alternative to acrylic and gels. It’s worth a shot to see if your nails agree.

What is it?

The new Gelish Dip System is set to fill the gap between regular acrylic and gel nail treatments. It's established by Danny Haile the CEO and Founder of Hand & Nails Harmony. This new high-quality acrylic dip system is launched in march. There are a few factors that make this product a winner, one being the super quick application process. It also does not require time spent under lights for it to set and there is no nasty odor.

Gelish dip is available in a large variety of colors which include cremes, glitters, shimmers, metallics and 5 french shades. All the colors have been matched to existing Gelish and Morgan Taylor shades. 

The Process

I popped in at Asap Nails&Beauty in Bruge for a demonstration by the lovely and talented Sofie Devlieger. She showed me some tips and tricks to perfectly apply Gelish dip. Asap Nails&Beauty is a specialized wholesaler of nail and beauty products and main distributor for Benelux trade marks: Gelish, Morgan Taylor, Nail Artists, Artistic Nail Design, Abstract, Mo You London, MUD Make Up Designory, &  Perfect Lashes. 

First perform your cuticle work, clean and disinfect with Pure Cleanse of Morgan Taylor, shape the nail and remove the shine, a thin Prep coat is applied to balance the nails to a neutral pH and remove any surface oils, followed by a Base coat to 3/4 of the natural nail, avoiding the cuticle area that will absorb the dipping powder,  dust off the excess using a brush. The process is repeated again with another Base coat and another dip. After that a coat off Activator is applied, which turns your nails matte, it will help speed the drying process. Another round of Base coat to seal the nail. Smooth and refine the surface of the nail. To finish off, another round of Activator is applied, followed by two thin coats of Top coat to seal and create high shine. Finish with applying Remedy from Morgan Taylor to hydrate the cuticles and the skin surrounding the nail. 

Kudos to Gelish dip

I fell in love with Gelish 4 years ago when I started my education as Nail tech. I was so excited to find out about the newest innovation from Nail Harmony, I followed the story from the first announcement until the day Gelish Dip was released to the world!

What I love about this system is that there's no smell, no UV/LED light needed, it has a refined and thin application and that the colored powder has a superior coverage. Another thing I like is that it's faster than acrylic application and easy soak-off removal just like Gelish. After I had my nails done with the Gelish dip system it felt light, like I had nothing on. 

If you're a lover of a good French manicure, Gelish dip guarantees a perfect, precise and identical smile line every time. The French Dip Container has two sides and gives you the choice of either a round or oval smile line.

So far, I'm loving my Gelish dip mani. The color is beautiful and my nails feel really strong, so DIP your way to gorgeous nails!

If you're curious about how the process works, here's a short video:


Availability & Cost

Gelish dip is available at Asap Nails&Beauty

The pricing in the nail salon is the same as a set Gelish nails about €35 - €40. 
In Antwerp is it already available at MG Nails&Beauty!

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