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Beauty and the suitcase: City trip to Barcelona

TravelMarissa Galle
Beauty and the suitcase: City trip to Barcelona

If you follow me on IG you might have noticed that I visited Barcelona last weekend for my best friends Bachelorette Party! So my question was, what are the suitcase essentials for a city trip with 10 girls to the lovely city Barcelona? Here is mine!

Your 'essentials' vary depending on what destination you're traveling to. Think about where you'll going there, then pick 3-5 items that are a must! I make categories and take 3 items per category.

  • Beauty items: Sunscreen, Hair&Skin products, make-up

  • Accessories: Sunglasses, Jewelry, Clutch/Backpack

  • Clothes: 3 t-shirts/tops, 1 skirt, 1 dress, 1 shorts, 2 jeans

  • Apparel: Laptop, Camera, Notebook

Successful packing means fitting everything that I could possibly need. It's best to plan your outfits to avoid overpacking, that's always my biggest problem! A few days before my trip I like to lay out all of my favorite clothes and accessories and start creating looks.

The most important to pack are my beauty products to look your best after a flight. Travel can take a toll on just about everything: skin - sleep - metabolism and hair. Personally, I focus mostly on maintaining healthy skin and hair while I'm traveling because when those are at their best, I feel put together.

My skincare products are from !QMS Medicosmetics and lucky for me they have travel sizes, my hair products I put in little bottles of 100ml because we only take hand luggage thanks to Rituals I got this cute sun protection and aftersun. Ad off course I took my my make-up with me! Most of the products are from Kiko Cosmetics and Urban Decay.

What to wear on the plane? I always try to wear something on the plane that's comfortable and that I can wear on the trip itself. I'm always cold on the plane so I wear a sweater and my leather jacket with a scarf. If there are cold evenings in Barcelona I got everything to keep myself warm and it doesn't take extra place in my suitcase.

And off course my sneakers! I want comfortable shoes for city tripping because you'll be running a lot! My favorite accessory is my cute little backpack, I can put everything I need in it and just wear it on my back, how easy it that!

Airplane outfit:

I also pack a dress of Clouds of Fashion and pair of heels of Zara as an option if you're going to go out and want to wear something fancier.

With spring weather it's best to go for items you can layer because it's possible that the sun is shining and you can go outside in a tee but a half hour later it can start raining, then you'll be happy to wear a jacket.