It's your time to Be Fabulous!

It's well known that I'm a daredevil when it comes to hair trends and sometimes I go too far into it, resulting in dry and damaged hair point.

But thank God there is Lindsay! She knows perfectly what to do and how to restore it! The magic happens in her salon, Avalon in Antwerp where I went for my Be Fabulous hair treatment, I was already sold by hearing the name of the treatment but it only got better.

Be Fabulous is the newest line of Revlon where no other than Halle Berry is the ambassador of. It's a treatment of hair restructuring in 4 steps, it acts on all layers of the hair fiber for a deep hair repair. The result of 5 years of research. Be Fabulous is formulated with exceptional ingredients that achieve unforgettable results in the salon. 

Be Fabulous Hair Recovery treatment:

Step 1: Open cuticle shampoo

This shampoo allows opening the cuticles or scales of the hair to favor the penetration of the mask with the keratin. It cleans thoroughly.

Step 2: Keratin mask

The Keratin Mask will penetrate the heart of the hair, reconstituting the hair fiber to the cortex. I had to spend 30 minutes under the heat.

Step 3: Cuticle sealer shampoo

This shampoo allows to close and smooth the cuticles of the hair in order to seal the assets of the previous care.

Step 4: Keratin conditioner

The Keratin treatment completes the protocol and brings softness to the hair. I had to leave it on for 2 à 3 minutes.

Do this treatment once a month and I dare you not to shake your head like you're in a shampoo commercial all the time! Soft and shiny hair is the result, my hair color is beautiful and it looks healthy. Fine detail: the smell is delicious!


Avoid using products with sulfate, silicone, and alcohol. These ingredients completely dry out your hair. Unfortunately, most drugstore products contain alcohol because it's a low cost. So invest in good products, ask your hairdresser what you hair needs!  He or she knows your hair the best.  

Be Fabulous has also a Hair Recovery line at home but it's only available in hair salons.

What's your favorite hairdresser brand? Let me know! 

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