Explore the creative connection between FASHION and SPORT!

Explore the creative connection between FASHION and SPORT!

A couple of months ago I was bitten by the running bug. It started harmlessly with a neighborhood jog which evolved into an almost daily 8km route in combination with fitness workouts. After almost 4 years without sports, I'm proud of my performance.

The biggest mistake people make when they start to workout or eat healthy is crash and burn. They start off in the first two weeks all in, they go to the gym every day and eat perfectly and in a few weeks, they're totally over it and bail. The trick is to start easily and feel great in a nice outfit! 


Thanks to this new hobby I suddenly saw all kinds of adorable sport outfits and it's literally everywhere! There have always been cute sneakers and cotton tees but combine that with the neons that invaded all areas of womenswear and you have one bright athletic get-up! Chic activewear had become a wardrobe staple for all of us who value both, fitness and fashion. 

Of course, I have my favorite brands in activewear. I adore grey marble and black leggings, but sometimes adding a pop of color to your workout outfit is just the thing you need to boost your mood. This is my favorite selection of FASHION vs SPORT:

Adidas by Stella McCartney

Combining one of our favorite designers with one of the greatest sportswear labels ever is pure genius. Floral prints, bold colors, and almost futuristic fitness designs make Adidas by Stella McCartney a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Seamless Mesh Top & Seamless Mesh Tights

Adidas by Stella McCartney created a new line of women's athletic performance clothing which are seamless and it feels great! The fabric is light, has no seems so no irritation or problems! I know some of you would think I'm crazy for wearing long tights when I run, but I'm a big fan of running in Adidas by Stella McCartney tights, they fit perfectly! A running outfit that you will love...

The Bodysuit

I'm loving the bodysuit trend, when I first saw that bodysuit in the gym I had mixed feelings. They also seemed totally impractical for doing the types of intense workouts I love, but I wondered if they really hold up during a hardcore sweat session.

After observing them for several months and realizing they weren't going anywhere I decided to give one a try to see for myself if it could handle. I tested it during a workout in the fresh air and I have to admit that it's really easy because everything remains in place! Just like the other outfits of Adidas by Stella McCartney this bodysuit is seamless which reduces the risk of irritation. I was totally in love with the pink color of course!


Reebok has become one of the most recognized names in international sportswear. In 2016, women subtitled crop tops for sports bras. Often paired with a high waisted legging, this trend is here to stay and Reebok also noticed that!

Crop top

The crop top bra is a growing trend straight outta the 90's that's continuing to gain major popularity. I think we will see this trend continue in 2017 with an expanded offering of crops that have long sleeves and higher necklines. 

High waist legging

High Waisted Leggings from Reebok keep you comfortable from the first stretch to warm down. Soft and stretchy, with a high waist to keep you covered during bends and poses. You like crop tops, but you're more comfortable when you cover your belly? Then is this the perfect outfit!

The most thing I love about Reebok are the cartoon and poppy color designs. With these outfit's you can't wait to go workout or running!

'Give your workout look a confidently feminine update!'