Healthy slimming with NewFysic

Summer is around the corner and achieving your best bikini body ever is easy when you have a plan. Well, guess what! Today you found your master plan with NewFysic!

What is NewFysic?

NewFysic is a slimming method that has been in existence for more than 10 years. This eating method was designed by a physician for people who want to lose weight in a healthy and lasting way.

Customized nutrition plan

Every week I pay a visit to my personal coach Caroline, she helps me to achieve my target weight, by looking at personal lifestyle, eating habits, exercise, and physical characteristics. All this with a diet plan and supplements, you will start your diet and visit your personal coach on a weekly basis to weigh and discuss the results. Allegedly, even the Dutch Queen Maxima maintains her weight by using NewFysic.

The first day is detox day or as they call it, apple day. 5 to 7 apples from breakfast to lunch together with the supplements and ‘purify’. Purify supports waste disposal and helps to cleanse your body. It's the perfect detox shot, I use it before every meal. Apple day is not my thing because I'm sensitive to migraines, so I just started the normal program.

Breakfast is such an important meal to start the day. Three times a week I eat natural oats with soya milk (light) and I really like it. The other days I eat broom from NewFysic with Céréal Jam and my supplements. 

For the rest of the day, I vary between salads, wraps, whole-wheat pasta and soups. You may eat a lot and the recipe books really help you if you're out off inspiration. All the ingredients you may eat are in the grocery list and you can find them in every supermarket.

The NewFysic Rule!

The most important rule in the NewFysic program is to eat every 2 hours! So you have to make sure that you always have a HEALTHY snack in your pocket, this can be a piece of fruit, vegetable or a NewFysic cookie. They also have detox tea, I drink this during the day mixed with lemon water because I don't like the taste of the tea.

Why I did it ...

Mainly I follow this program because I wanted to eat clean and healthy, the weight loss is an additional positive point to this new lifestyle. 

The biggest change I made since I follow the Newfysic program is that I never skip breakfast! And I'm motivated to do more exercises because NewFysic gives me more energy.

Contact Caroline!

So if you want to feel great in bikini this summer, just contact Caroline and she will help you to achieve your target weight.

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