3 expert masks formulated with clay and the best of nature.

OMG! There's a new trend in Beautyland and I love it ... Multimasking!

I really have a facemask obsession, everyone knows that the needs of your skin differ from day to day, but did you know that this may also depend on which zone of your face? For example, the T-zone has different needs than your cheeks and the skin around your eyes. 

Germaine de Cappuccini especially designed three masks so you can choose which mask you use when and where. I tested all of them ...

Most of us have combination skin. Our T-zone needs deep pore cleaning, our under eyes need instant oxygen and our cheeks need brightening or energizing! There are endless combinations! Which is why multimasking is so genius! Access your current skin situation (mine changes each season) and apply masks accordingly.

I have a mixed skin. Mixed in the sense that I have an oiled T-zone and a normal skin on the cheeks, sometimes the skin around my eyes are very dry. Multimasking is the trend to use different masks on different facial areas. So, in your greasy zone, you will get a lubrication that cleans and in the normal or drier areas you are using a moisturizing product. This way you get the best results. It's unlikely to use a nourishment mask across your face to get pimples afterward. On the other hand, it's also not ideal to use too many cleansing/aggressive masks on your dry skin because then they will only become drier.

How to multimask. You might be wondering how to choose your masks. Make a list of the areas you wish to focus on and match the correct treatment based on each of your needs. The main goal is purifying, so, let’s begin with a clay mask that we’ll apply on the forehead, nose, and chin. The infamous T-zone. This will help to revive our skin. For me it's only my forehead and nose because I want to detox my chin.

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Step 1: EXTRA VITALITY EXFOLIATING MASK – Exfoliates and Illuminates the Skin.

An exfoliating mask that provides the heart of skin cells with trace elements extracted from precious and semi-precious stones. The combination of these stones, together with activated carbon and volcanic clay, cleanses and renews, revealing luminous skin full of vitality.

Its deep gray color, its fresh, creamy texture, and its delicate aroma make it an experience for all senses. It's suitable for all skin types.

Indicated for

Cleansing, regenerating and revitalizing all skin types, except for the very sensitive ones. Increases skin luminosity and Refines the skin’s texture.


Volcanic clay regulates disorders of “imperfect” skin.

Active Carbon cleanses the skin in depth and reduces the size of pores.

Hematite helps re-densify the skin and recover its firmness.

Smithsonite favors natural repair.

Diamond, its extract in micronized powder form stimulates the skin’s defenses.

On step 2, we’ll focus on a hydration process. Areas of interest: under eyes and cheeks. Here we’ll use a moisturizing mask that is specific for this delicate area. Be careful how you apply the mask: patches are perfect, but if you opt for the cream, apply it using your ring finger. It’s the weakest finger of the hand and it avoids causing irritations or nullifying the use of the mask with moves that are too powerful.

Marissa Galle, MG Nails&Beauty, Beauty Specialist, Beauty Blogger, Multimasking, Germaine de Capuccini

Step 2: HYDRATING ANTI-STRESS MASK – Hydrates and Relaxes

A hydrating mask that soothes and comforts stressed and fatigued skin, while reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier thanks to its select combination of clay and ingredients from roses and plants.

Its creamy texture and delicate aroma allow a pleasant sensation of well-being and relax when applying this mask of peach pink color.

Indicated for

Hydrating, soothing and providing suppleness to all skin types.

Recovering the natural beauty of the face and Helping fatigued and stressed skin.


Pure Vital Clay, improves superficial microcirculation and the supply of oxygen to the skin.

Extracts of Roses and Plants. The combination of extracts of Arctic Rose, Gallic Rose, Black Rose, White Rose and Nepalese Rose, together with Tulsi extract and the Hydro-Protect Complex, makes it possible for the skin to feel relaxed and breathe well-being while providing it with protection and immediate hydration.

Last but not least, the chin, upper lip and cheeks. We’re choosing a detox treatment, you can also use this one for neck and décolletage but I only put it on my chin and cheeks. Get comfortable and wait for a maximum of 20 minutes to rinse it with lukewarm water and a cotton cloth or small towel. Remember to dab, not wipe. Now you are ready for the mirror!

Marissa Galle, MG Nails&Beauty, Beauty Specialist, Beauty Blogger, Multimasking, Germaine de Capuccini

Step 3: DETOX ENERGIZING MASK – Detoxifies and Revitalizes

A purifying mask, of violet color, that immediately restores suffocated and environmentally damaged skin, providing it with an extra supply of energy.

The White Clay and Pure Vital Clay that make up this mask are a complete duo to facilitate the oxygenation and protection of the skin, which together with the light texture and intense fragrance make, when applying the mask, the skin and the senses fill with energy.

Indicated for

Purifying and deeply oxygenating all skin types.

Relaxing and soothing the features.

Achieving an anti-fatigue effect.


White Clay, its absorbing capacity makes it the perfect ally to eliminate impurities.

Pure Vital Clay, improves superficial microcirculation and the supply of oxygen to skin cells.

Defense Detox Complex, its properties helps the skin protection and detoxification.  Blocks the formation of free radicals and neutralizes those already formed, allowing to fight against skin intoxication produced by environmental stress.

You don’t have to do three different masks like I did… you can just do 2 or you can do 1! Just feel around with your fingers and determine which areas are dry, which are dull, which are oily and apply accordingly. I think you’ll be much happier with the results than just using one mask.

The texture of the masks are really nice! They lubricate well and stay well. The purple and orange masks are slightly less thick in texture than the black one. The black mask exfoliates and there are also some granules so that your skin is even scratched. The masks have all the same subtle fragrance. Not very present but slightly perfumed. 

Just apply a thin layer on cleansed skin. You may then allow the masks to work for 5 to 10 minutes and then remove it with a damp cloth. Then use a toner to remove all the leftovers and afterward you can just spend your day or night care. My skin feels really silky after the masks! My skin looks healthier and is evenly colored.

Know that your skin needs change not just with your age, but with your environment, the season, the time of the day and other factors like stress. Take the time to care for your skin and its different needs. Try multimasking and then you’ll see that you are going to want to make it a part of your normal skincare routine. 

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