KIPLING - The well known bags for travel!

KIPLING - The well known bags for travel!

To those who are reaching 3-0 are probably getting nervous and cranky. Unfortunately, I can't help you with that because I have three more years to go in my Golden Twenties. But it's not about you getting 30, but KIPLING is celebrating their 30th anniversary. KIPLING brought me back to so many memories from my childhood! I have worn a lot of KIPLING bags in my teens!

For over 30 years KIPLING has been making so many people happy with the trendiest, funkiest, functional designs that were worn in the heart of people all over te world.

The KIPLING journey started in 1987 by Paul Van de Velde, Vincent Haverbeke, and Xavier Kegels. The brand name came from the author Rudyard Kipling's Jungle book and the movie 'Out of Africa', that perfectly represented the fun and adventure associated with the spirit of the brand.

Do you know that each season up to 80 unique monkeys in different colors are released, and each collection has it's very own unique monkey named after a KIPLING employer somewhere in the world? In 30 years KIPLING has arguably become Belgium's most successful fashion export.


This season is more about metallics and snake patterns I love how KIPLING kept their signature bag design and yet, mixed with more fashion and style. Included in the collection are Superwork Bag, City Pack, and the Art M leisure bag. These are my three favorites!


The fun thing is you can personalize every KIPLING bag with your name, initials, emoji or symbol. It's not because you need a bag for work that it has to be boring.

The Superwork is the perfect bag to go to work, it has three large compartments and a special spot for your laptop! I love this one because I only need one bag for my personal stuff and I always got my laptop with me, ideal for writing my blog anywhere.

This bag even has a little pouch for your mobile phone so they can't fight with your keys and two pen holders so you can immediately write down your ideas. I took it on a one-day business trip and fit my Macbook, snacks, notebook, pen, ... everything I needed.

I like it because it goes with everything, Kinda like khakis while it's probably too big to be a purse (unless you're a crazy big purse person, which I'm not).  It makes me look all professional like and even a bit cool! Plus, I love the little monkey tag.

CITY PACK (Everyday bag)

The KIPLING City Pack is lightweight and has easy to reach pockets with magnetic closure making it your perfect 'buddy' for travel. Which is the ideal bag for enjoying a free day in the city. 

It's the perfect combination of fashion and practicality all in one, has a lot of pockets and plenty of space inside to store all your favorite essentials in style whilst going on a little trip to Disneyland.

ART M. (Leisure bag)

Cute, but big! This bag is so big I can throw my purse inside it and still have room for more. But did I mention it's cute? Because it is! And lots of other people must think so too because I get compliments on it constantly. Which do wonders for my ego!

I already love the name of this one! I call it the Art Marissa bag! This is a large travel bag, perfect if you go a day to the beach or go swimming at your friend's place. I also use the Art M. to go to the gym, this is the only bag where all my girly stuff fit in! 

A bag this huge is only fit for only a few occasions such as overnight visits or trips to the beach (and I'm pretty sure you could fin room to stow your beach chair and umbrella with no problem). It you go on a city trip, this bag is really practical as hand luggage and the trolley sleeve pops perfectly over your suitcase handle. And they're super light.

I lost count how many KIPLING handbags/luggage/purses I own! They last forever and I can just throw them in the washing machine and they come out good as new. They are practical, stylish, robust and just a little bit different! I'm ready for another 30 years as KIPLING lover!

Go to the KIPLING website to choose your favorite travel back!

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