KIEHL'S: Skincare with a mission

KIEHL'S: Skincare with a mission


Kiehl's launched the "Kiehl's Autism Speaks" campaign. We went to the presentation in Amsterdam to support this good cause and asked Sarah Coppens, PR Manager at L'oreal Benelux everything about this collaboration between Kiehl's and Autism Speaks.


Kiehl’s Since 1851 is 163 years old. That’s a pretty good run. It’s also been ten years since L’Oreal, the world’s leading beauty company, bought the business that began as a little pharmacy on Manhattan’s lower east side.

The brand has a great back story which starts with its name – since 1851 – as an apothecary business in NYC’s lower East Side owned and managed over four generations as a family business. John Kiehl worked as an apprentice at that apothecary in the 1880s. In 1894, Kiehl purchased the pharmacy from his bosses and rebranded it with his own name. 


The Kiehl’s philosophy is about choosing the very best naturally-derived ingredients – based on herbal and pharmaceutical formulas. The look of their products also reflects the brand’s apothecary roots – as they have a homemade look that feels like they are individually made in the back of the store.

The Limited Edition 2017: Ulta Facial Cream

They have created a limited edition Ultra Facial Cream designed by Matthew McConaughey. His vibrant design features uplifting colors and geometric shapes, including interlocking puzzle pieces a nod to the iconic Autism Speaks blue puzzle piece. 

Each limited edition Ultra Facial Cream purchased will help to provide resources for children and families living with autism worldwide. Total worldwide donation amount $200,000. Since 2010 Kiehl's already raised almost $6 million for charity. 

Autism Speaks

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The collaboration is to raise awareness for autism, specifically the Autism Speaks charity of which McConaughey is a global advocate. A commitment to helping others is built into Kiehl's mission statement and this star-studded partnership is just another way the brand is infusing philanthropy into their skin-care products.

Watch the special video of the actor spreading the message that “children with autism need our support and they need it right now.”


Viewers are invited to share the informative video across all social media platforms to raise awareness and money for funding Autism research and resources. For every share the video receives, Kiehl’s plans to donate $1 to Autism Speaks until they reach their goal of $200,000.

Funny facts about Kiehl's

  • The brand's mascot is a skeleton named "Mr. Bones."

Aaron Morse (the son of Irving Morse, apprentice to OG founder John Kiehl's) inherited the company in the 1950s. He saw the East Village flagship as a community gathering place — like a Starbucks, but with skin-care instead of coffee. So he worked to make the place about more than just skin-care, introducing both a stack of biology books and Mr. Bones, a human skeleton, as a way to encourage learning and interest kids. Now, there's a Mr. Bones in every Kiehl’s store. "He’s our mascot even though he has no skin," notes Salgardo.

  • There's a motorcycle in every single Kiehl's store.

In every single Kiehl's store. In 1978, Aaron Morse had a fleet of 44 motorcycles of his own collection, including vintage Harley Davidsons, placed in the flagship. "It entertained the guys while the ladies shopped — and it was also a very clever way to introduce to Kiehl’s men’s products to them," says Salgardo.