My favorite MY iMenso jewelry

My favorite MY iMenso jewelry

As the face and ambassadrice of MY iMenso it's obvious that I have a lot of jewelry, so I thought I'd pick out my top 5 favorite pieces. Jewelry transform your outfit, so they are crucial in your daily routine, I never leave without! I also fully believe that when you look great, you feel great and the MY iMenso jewelry does just that! Here's my list of top five jewelry esssentials that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

MY iMenso Quartz

Starting off with the biggest piece in my jewelry box, my silver MY iMenso Quartz. I'm wearing it almost every day and I’ve had a lot of people complimenting it. This watch can be composed completely to your wishes, making it fabulous and amazing. I chose a durable stainless steel strap with a gloss finish and pearl dial. Of course I went all the way and matched it with Swarovski elements for that bit of extra sparkle. I have a matching ring too that I featured in this blog post.

MY iMenso Medaillon

My current favorite piece of jewelry is this Grande Medaillon (33 mm), with a MY iMenso Medallion you’re holding something unique because you can personalize it completely. I always wear it with the first lettre of my name and of course also finished with glitter and a rose background. I have a lot of other Insignia to put in the medaillon but this one is really my favorite. By changing your Insignia you change the look and the message you transmit, you can easily upgrade your medallion from radiating a day-to-day look to a glamorous princess look and everything in between.

MY iMenso glitter stone bracelette

This bracelette matches perfectly with my personalized My iMenso Grande Medaillon. You can wear it with essentially any outfit for a subtle hint of sparkle. Just like the medaillon this is a 925 silver bracelette. 

MY iMenso silver and ceramic ring

This high quality silver MY iMenso ring with 3 lines of zirconia holds is also changeable. The middle ring exists in a lot of different colors, I wear the old pink ceramic ring to match the rose Insignia in my medaillon. As everyone knows I prefer a touch of parkle, that's the reason why I add 2 other silver rings with zirconia stones for a more glamorous look.

I just love wearing rings, especially when I've gotten my nails done! I think it is important to have a beautiful everyday piece: something simple, classic, and chic that you'll wear for years.

MY iMenso one string glitter earrings

To complete your personal MY iMenso jewelry set you must definitely finish with a glamorous but subtle set of earrings. I just love the simple femininity of classic earrings. No matter what you’re dressing for, earrings can either make or break your outfit. 

You can find the compleet MY iMenso collection on the website: or in the catalogue. Don't hesitate with any questions about this collection and don't forget to tell me what's you favorite MY iMenso piece.