MY iMenso: A glittering Holiday

Make the holidays even more twinkly and bright by wearing the perfect jewelry! This time I'm wearing it all rose gold! Whether you're spending all day watching X-mas movies or like to get dressed up for a big Christmas party. In most situations, choosing jewelry and accessories is mostly a matter of finding pieces you love and pairing them with the right clothing. However, selecting holiday jewelry can be a little more complicated. That's why I'm sharing my favorite Holiday outfits combined with my new fabulous piece of jewelry, the  Edge medallion with the Fantasy insignia and a two-toned bead necklace of MY iMenso that matches every occasion and make sure you're always looking your best. 

Christmas Eve: Dinner party

Christmas Eve is the evening or entire day before Christmas Day. It falls within the Christmas season, which is a time for people to buy presents and visit friends or relatives. Like some traditions, X-mas eve is the time to dive right into your glitzy and glam wardrobe. It's the time to bring out your best and most glamorous dress because you never know who you bump into, making a good impression on these family/friends is, therefore, a keynote. Finally, it's only once a year Christmas!

For Christmas eve I'm wearing an elegant fitted black sleeveless jumpsuit with high waisted flare pants and a refined halterneck designed by Heidi Klum. This halterneck makes the medallion come out nicely. The Edge medallion is the key statement piece of my outfit and then go subtle with the rest. I combine it with my rose gold Quartz and rose gold/black faceted Ceramic ring, so flattering and super easy to wear.


Christmas Day: Watching 'A Christmas Carol'

Christmas is all about movies! Nothing takes you back to your childhood faster than sliding under a warm blanket, grabbing a cup of hot chocolate and watching a classic holiday film. When you think about the meaning of Christmas, one of the most popular ones has to be the classic 'A Christmas Carol'. 

Well, that's the way I spend Christmas day with my family, so I want to wear something cozy but also chic and fashionable. I choose for a turtleneck to keep me warm with a glamorous pencil skirt with beautiful sequins also designed by Heidi Klum. My Edge medallion is again a highly suitable accessory for this comfy outfit and the rose gold matches my skirt perfectly! 

New Year's Eve

New Year, a new way to look better than everyone else at the party! For New Year's Eve, it's all about the details! There isn't one right way to do NYE style. New Year's Eve is the night not to apologize for excessive sparkle so go out in rose gold! Sequins and champagne are meant to be together!

Because we are probably also going outside to look at the fireworks I choose for a stylish skinny leather looking pants with a velvet top and a festive glitter jacket with a feminine cut. I'm wearing the Edgy medallion a little shorter here because the necklace wasn't long and just fell on the edge of the velvet top. You can also wear it longer with another necklace. 

A perfect Holiday gift by MY iMenso

Stumped on what to get your mother, sister, friend, or love this holiday season? A piece of jewelry is almost always a safe bet. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, as they say. But personal preference plays a big role, so it's tough to pick out pieces that someone you love will really love. But getting it right scores so many sentimental points, and we're here to help. I have given you some reason's why the Edge Medallion is the perfect Holiday gift.

Celebrate the Holidays in style with this Edge medallion (33mm). The new star in the MY iMenso collection. Looking good during the holiday season is a must for anyone on these special occasions.

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