Deep Slimming with Ikari Institute

Last year I focussed on achieving healthier skin with the help of Ikari Skin Experts, and I succeeded! You can read this journey here.


This year I want to look further that only my skin I, want to work on a healthier body. The Ikari Institute in Antwerp will again help me in this challenge and YOU can all follow my struggles! 😋 Next, to skincare treatments the Ikari Institute also offers body treatments, you can check out their range at

Marissa Galle, Beauty Blogger, Fashion Blogger, Ikari Institute, Deep Slim treatment, slimming, healthier body

I started a couple of weeks ago with my first treatment, after a full and free body analysis they told me that the Deep Slim treatment would work best for me, a technique using ultrasound waves to help you to get rid of local fat accumulation and cellulite. The correct name is ‘High-Frequency Focalised Ultrasound’, which basically warm up the fat structures deep inside the body to a temperature of 60°C. The fat melts away and the skin fiber layer gets tightened. In the meantime, impulses are being applied to the skin, contracting the skin and firming it.

Marissa Galle, Beauty Blogger, Fashion Blogger, Deep Slim treatment, Ikari Institute, Ikari Skin Experts, Slimming, Healthier body
Marissa Galle, Beauty Blogger, Fashion Blogger, Deep Slim treatment, Ikari Institute, Ikari Skin Experts, Slimming, Healthier body

I have decided to treat my hips, thighs, and inner thighs, these are the most common areas where women get cellulite. My IKARI Skin Expert, Zohra, first drew some lines to mark the areas to be treated. The treatment basically takes about 30 to 40 minutes per zone (depending on which zone you want to get treated) and is not painful at all. Before we started, Zohra took a few before-pictures so we can measure the results. She gave me a funny looking paper underpants because a lot of contact gel is used during the Deep Slim treatment (really a lot 😁).

The waves of the Deep Slim come in 3 different levels: the first one is really soft, the second one a little bit deeper and the third and final one is a little hotter and maybe a little stingy. After the treatment, Zohra took the after-pictures and I could already see a difference, but the best results are visible in a few weeks.

Marissa Galle, Beauty Blogger, Fashion Blogger, Deep Slim treatment, Ikari Institute, Ikari Skin Experts, Slimming, Healthier body

I immediately booked my next appointments and Zohra recommended a slimming package to support my treatment at home and achieve faster results.

The book “Your Body Type” is also helping me a lot to understand and discover my energetic fingerprint. This book contains unique secrets used by celebrities to attain greatness. It also explains what en when we should eat, why some ingredients should be cooked in water and others in oil, how to exercise when you’re in a time crunch and even how to lose weight by changing your lifestyle while keeping your diet.

Your Body Type - Discover your Energetic Fingerprint

In this revolutionary book, Dr Ilan Karavani, one of the most articulate and important voices in the field of anti-aging and natural medicine, explains how our bodies regulate themselves on different levels and how we can stay healthy if we know how to read our blueprint.

D34: Draineur Minceur - Slimming Drainer

The D34 is a dietary supplement specifically developed to drain and eliminate excess water through dandelion. It tackles the problems of water retention and purifies the body to refine the silhouette. Its composition, perfectly studied, allows it to have an action on cellulite.

I have to add 10 ml to 300 ml of water each time and this is allowed up to 5 times a day.

Slimlift Gel Double Action - Slimming & Anti-Cellulite

The double action slimming gel works on the hips, legs, abdomen, and arms. Not only has the gel a slimming effect, but it also has an anti-cellulite action to get rid of your orange peel skin. I use it in combination with slim lift night cream for optimal result. You’ll feel a cold sensation for a couple of minutes.

Slimlift Night Cream - Slimming & Remodeling

This ‘SlimLift Night Cream’ has a remodeling action. It will firm the tissues and the caffeine present in its formula confers its slimming action. The cold sensation is stronger than the ‘SlimLift Gel Double Action’ because it works harder during the night.


Is the deep slim treatment something for me?

The Deep Slim treatment will work perfectly for you if you have small fat deposits on the belly, hips, and/or breaches. The best results you’ll get if you already do exercise and eat healthily, but need that extra push to help you with your diet. The Deep Slim will also help you if you have cellulite and/or sagging skin and for the difficult zones, such as above the knee that no other technique can handle.


  • €250 per session
    Cellulite and skin sagging

  • €350 per session
    Local fat accumulation

Contact for a customized body contouring treatment plan with nutritional advice + detox plan, and nutritional supplements.