My journey to a better and healthier skin

My journey to a better and healthier skin

My first visit to IKARI


Yesterday I had my first visit to Ikari Institute. Ikari is a specialised skin care in Antwerp. Their team of skin experts are using their medical knowledge in combination with pioneering treatment methods and the most advanced equipment for over 25 years to create the best results tailored to your skin.

As a beauty specialist myself I also have some problems with my skin, I'm trying a lot of products for my skin type but actually, I'm not sure if they are good for me because I have a little secret. I have been taking antibiotics for years now to keep my acne skin under control. I know it's not healthy to use this for a long time, that's the reason why I want to reduce this to eventually keep my skin under control without using antibiotics. I also have pigmentation spots on my forehead, cheeks, and upper lip. The doctor thinks it's a side effect of the antibiotics because my skin becomes more sensitive to the sun. So chances are that these disappear after stopping the antibiotics

The antibiotic I'm using is called Mino50 (minocycline). This medicine is an antibacterial antibiotic from the family of tetracyclines (anti-infection). It is used for the treatment of bacterial infections and moderate to severe forms of inflammatory acne vulgaris (a form of acne). I take one every night before bedtime. You can take this as a cure, but I use it preventively because when I stop I get an acné attack after 2 weeks.

The Skin Type Analyzer 

I explained my problem to the skin expert, she analyzed my skin with the YourSkinTypeTM-analyzer to find out which treatment is suitable for me. The analyzer determines the skin type in the form of an individual code, sensors are placed on the skin so they can determine the skin type on the basis of the following parameters:

  • The degree of skin aging

  • The degree of pigment shift

  • The sun type

The skin expert discussed my skin code with the doctor who came to me to explain how I should tackle my problem. The skin code is the fingerprint of your skin type and the key to your personal skin care. Based on that information they made a personal program and could they tell me which skin care products I have to use. If I strictly follow this I should be able to get my skin problem under control without using medication.

How to tackle my problem:

Step 1: reduce the antibiotics

There is a chance that I will get an acne boost again but that's not a big problem if I want to get a healthier body. So the first 2 weeks I'll take one pill every other day, I extend this after 2 weeks to every other week. I keep extending this so that I do not have to use it after a month.

Step 2: chemical peeling

To ensure that my skin becomes smooth without an uneven skin texture or scarring because acne can really damage your skin. That's why I get 3 to 5 chemical peeling treatments once a month with fruit acids, resorcine, and TCA. It's the softest level of chemical peels. 

The chemical peel uses high-tech molecules that are only available on medical prescription. After cleansing and degreasing the skin, they apply the peeling cream to the top layer. After a few seconds, you feel a burning sensation but it's certainly still tolerable. The effect of the peel translates immediately into a soft radiant skin, possibly you can see a slight scaling within the next 3 days. This peeling can be repeated after 3 weeks until the desired result is obtained.

Step 3: Ikari skin care routine

The most important step is the right facial products to continue the treatment at home. The IKARI skin expert gave me a personal skin care program that I must strictly follow. It contains the following products:

Pure 4 is a gentle cleansing gel, ideal for the mixed and oily skin. This gel is naturally perfumed and foams very light. I have to use it in the morning and in the evening on a damp skin of face and neck. 

The Pure 2 is a liquid, transparent, naturally perfumed tonic. The tonic cleanses, disinfects the skin and closes the pores. Extremely suitable for oily skin, or the oily parts (T-zone) of the skin. I use the Pure 2 only in the morning after I cleansed my skin with the gentle washing gel.

The Renew 1 is an ultra light, naturally perfumed gel for the very oily to shiny skin. The gel has a mattifying effect, smoothes the skin and protects it. The Renew 1 contains stem cells that have a strong regenerative effect. Ideal base for make-up. This Renew product is indispensable in my daily care of the shiny skin.

The Pure 3 is a naturally perfumed exfoliating cream (scrub) that promotes the removal of dead skin cells. The skin exfoliates and refines the skin surface, fades wrinkles and grooves and gives the skin a smooth, healthy, radiant look. It stimulates cell renewal. I have to use this twice a week in the evening and in combination with the Cure 2.

Cure 2 is a concentrated, naturally perfumed serum based on vitamin A, vitamin C, and fruit acids. Cure 2 is ideal for dull, rough, sun-damaged skin with pigmentation spots. The serum renews the skin surface without irritating it. The skin looks fresher and radiant again, thanks to the smooth surface. I have to use the brightening and resurfacing twice a week after I have scrubbed my skin.

As everyone already knows from previous blog posts I use almost daily sun protection to prevent the pigmentation spots. So the sérum UV could not be missing from my daily skin ritual. The sérum UV is a liquid,  non-greasy structure in a tube, colorless after application and leaves behind a soft, silk-like protective film. It contains stem cells that repair sun damage. I mix it with the Renew 1 and use it almost every morning.

The day after: Clean skin


My skin felt tight after the treatment but when I came home I already forgot what happened, I did not have any problems or weird feelings. Before I went to bed I cleansed my skin with the Pure 4 en put on a cream that I got from the skin expert to disinfect my skin. It gave a burning sensation, so it definitely disinfected my skin. I didn't take my Mino50 pill.

This morning my skin felt tight and dry, I cleansed again with the Pure 4, disinfected my skin with the Pure 2, it also closes the pores and then I normally hydrate my skin with a day cream. For that I used the Renew 1, it's a light gel and really feels refreshing. My skin immediately absorbed the gel, there is no sticky layer on the skin (which I hate). The feeling of my skin stays tight and dry what I think is a good sign because I want to dry out my skin so that I do not get acne. 

My skin didn't began to peel but as it feels now I think I'm going to molt, does that mean that I have a lot of dead skin? Haha. My face feels so clean I didn't want to put on makeup today. :D

Day 3: Afraid of the pimple attack 


Since yesterday I have the feeling that occasionally a pimple wants to come through, but I do not see anything. I hope they DO NOT come through. I cleanse my skin every morning and evening with the Ikari products and in the evening I use the disinfectant Carpe has given me for when I start to peel, which should also help to stop a pimple.

My skin has not yet begun to peel because of the chemical peeling but I'm not really afraid for that, I'm more afraid for a pimple attack! Yet my skin still feels tight and dry and is so soft!

I still take the Mino50 pills every other day, so yesterday I didn't take one and tonight before I go to bed I should take one. I'm so curious how my skin will react and whether I will be kept from a pimple attack.

One week later: I just love it!


I'm using the skincare routine of Ikari for a week now and they're really amazing! I can not live without anymore! I can also tell you, babes, the good news that I did not get an acne attack, so for me, the first experience of changing my beauty routine is a big success. 

I'm a bit disappointed because my skin doesn't really start to peel. Very slightly, then I used the Pure 3, exfoliant scrub combined with Cure 2: Brightening & resurfacing, with that I was able to control the peeling just right. Maybe the level of peeling was not strong enough for me because I have a thick skin? haha

But during the consultation I was told that the peeling became stronger and stronger with each treatment, so there will be a moment when I will peel and then I will immediately put it on camera!

This treatment isn't finished so stay tuned if you want to know more about this treatment or the products. I will definitely keep you babes posted!