SUPERBOOST your skin with IKARI

Hi Babes!

It's been a while since I posted here but the last couple of weeks have been craaazy busy. Which is good though! I've been traveling between Belgium, Las Vegas, LA, and Florida which a lot of you are following on my Insta and blog posts about my trips are on their way! ;)

As most of you probably know, I'm a big believer in taking good care of your skin. You only have one, and you'll have it for the rest of your life. Btw, did you know that skin is our largest organ? Crazy right. So we'd better take good care of it.

I love to travel and discovering new places but I can feel that my skin require a little extra care. That's why every time when I stop in Belgium for a couple of weeks I visit the IKARI Skin Experts for a Superboost treatment! 

The Superboost treatment helps me to give me my healthy glow back. While traveling, I am exposed to many different climates, in Vegas the air is really dry so I need more hydration and in Florida it's too humid what gives me acne attacks. For that problem IKARI also has the perfect solution, you can read everything about that in my post: My journey to a healthier skin.

This treatment is totally painless and gives you the softness of cosmetic care with the impact of a medical treatment. The Superboost is very varied and extensive from a quick skin boost to a solution for skin aging, fine wrinkles, couperose, eye lifting, irregular skin, coarse pores, acne, (over) sensitivity, skin tension, etc.

The IKARI Skin Expert starts with a skin analysis and will determine your skin type. Your skin type will be displayed in a personal skin code in no time. This personal skin code then results in a tailor-made treatment and a cosmetic plan for home care. Depending on your skin type and problem, the IKARI Skin Expert chooses the suitable form of Superboost. The treatment starts with a customized cleaning with custom IKARI cosmetics (demo makeup, washing gel, lotion, scrub).

Active substances are introduced into the skin via a needle-free injection with jet stream, while the deeper excess is pumped out of the pores. The existing channels in the skin fill sight with fluid full of minerals and vitamins (the basic components for the next step). Electrostimulation on the muscles (biofeedback for re-education of the muscle), the muscle gets new impulses and automatically tightens and relaxes the skin, opens eyes, raises eyebrows, ... Sometimes steps are repeated for an extra effect.

The result is a fresh, well-drained, tighter skin, stretched eyebrows, open eyes, fresh look, radiant complexion, fuller cheeks, smoother and fresher look, ... In short, the ultimate Superboost for everyone!

If you want to treat your skin gently, without pricking, but still focused or you have acne and do not wish to take any medication to normalize oily skin? You want to harmonize weak skin (lift effect) or cramped (frown, crow's feet) muscles and wish to strengthen a relaxed neck and jaw line, you want an instant glow: instant hydration of the skin and tackle dark circles or reduce wrinkles around the eyes then this is the answer to all your prayers! 

With the IKARI Superboost treatment you immediately see results, you repeat the treatment after 2 weeks, and then after 3 weeks, and then take a maintenance every 3 months for a long-lasting effect. Or you book this treatment as a one-off super boost for a special occasion.

IKARI Flagship store Antwerp is also the research & development center for the IKARI brands: Cosmetics and Mineral. An appointment for free skin analysis and expert advice, can be made via T 03 / 303.77.44.

For more information you can contact them via and certainly do not hesitate to visit this amazing clinic (Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 162 at 2020 Antwerp)!

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