My Journey to a Healtier Body (Life)

My Journey to a Healtier Body (Life)

I decided that 2019 will be the Year to a Healthier body, so that means a healthier life, and I want to take you on my journey. 2018 was all aboutMy Journey to a Healthier skin” where I have succeeded successfully with the help of IKARI SKIN EXPERTS.


I realised that my lack of a good night sleep, and a healthy diet, was what was making my brain so foggy. Resulting in me being all over the place and trying to unsuccessfully do it all at once. I constantly feel fatigued and worn down.

By the end of December 2018 I became so busy and overwhelmed that I started to eat whatever was sitting in front of me and seemed like the easiest and fastest option. I completely abandoned my healthy eating habits and traded them for the worst diet I’ve had in honestly like 6 years! ugh! Why do we do this to ourselves.

I know what you’re going to say. I look great, I’m skinny, blah blah blah. And it’s true, I do look good despite my bad eating choices and lack of sleep. But, I could look better. No let me rephrase that, I could FEEL better!

See looking a certain way is not what it’s all about. But more about the way we feel. I for one am a very busy Social Media Manager and I travel a lot. I am on the go both physically and mentally every day of my life. I need to make sure that my body has the energy it needs to keep up with the demands of my clients, Social Media is simply not a 9 to 5 job.

I also completely neglected self care by going to sleep at unconventional and unhealthy hours. Y’all, I was up either working or catching up on Netflix at sometimes 2am in the morning! No bueno! But, I am only human and am giving myself some grace. After all, it is never too late to revaluate and make changes. Realistic Changes.

So no, I did not set unrealistic goals. Instead I am making better choices on a daily basis. Choices like, putting all electronic devices away by 9:30pm. Stop working completely for an entire hour and cook myself something healthy for lunch rather than reaching for crackers or chips. It’s the only way I can actually follow through and make a change in the way I feel physically and mentally.


5 realistic ways to a Healthier body

  • Try a new at home workout routine – I started the “Tone It Up” program in the comfort of my home. I’m doing it 3 times a week and the result is great! It’s easy to follow and you can choose on what you want to work. Totally doable girl. When I’m on the road all day it’s a bit difficult to do my work out routine, for that I go to “Simply Me” twice a week for the Waterbike and the Cocoon Slimming treatment.
    (Blog post coming soon)

  • Go for a run at least twice a week – Whether it’s on the treadmill or outdoors, going for a run is such a great way to not only clear your mind, but also stretch your legs, get your blood flowing and make your heart stronger. I always have my running shoes in my car. Morning runs are the best!

  • Stretch for 30 minutes – No wrong way to do this. Heck you can even pull out your mat and lay it out in front of the TV while you catch up on your favorite Netflix series. The point is to stretch those limbs! Plant to do this at least twice a week.

  • Eat clean – Clean eating is really about balance and fuelling your body with nutrient-dense food that keeps your metabolism, muscles, and brain in peak performance. I get all my healthy recipes from the book ‘Be Fit Be Awesome’ by the young and dynamic nutrition consultant Laura  Van den Broeck.
    (Blog post coming soon)

  • Beauty treatments - Look Good, Feel Good. You always feel better with beauty treatments. That’s where the IKARI Institute jumps in. They not only have relaxing and affordable skin treatments but also body treatments to help you tackle local fat deposits and cellulite.

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One last note, remember that it is very easy to say we don’t have time to work out. But keep this in mind, those 30 minutes or hour you just spent scrolling through your Instagram feed could’ve been used to try one of my 5 realistic body goals!

Now go, get up and do it. You got this girl!