Marissa Galle

Top 3 Personalized Jewelry Pieces

Marissa Galle
Top 3 Personalized Jewelry Pieces

Lately, I have been obsessed with different jewelry pieces, especially personalized pieces. Many jewelery I wear has the initial “M” on it for my name. I love the modern approaches to personalized jewelry, it’s a sweet way to wear something that is meaningful to you while still being understated with your jewelry choices. If I ever forget to put on jewelry, I feel completely naked!


I believe one of the first personalized pieces of jewelry I got was a necklace with my own name, you know, like the Carrie Bradshaw name necklace. My favorite necklace is currently a circle pendant with my initial “M” in zirconia stones and my name engraved on the border of the pendant.

There is one brand that is my absolute go to when it comes to personalized jewelry and I wanted to share this with you guys. You all know my favorite jewelry brand MY iMenso, I’m wearing their pieces for years now and I was so happy when they asked my 3 years ago to become the face of their brand. MY iMenso is a well-known silver jewelry concept which gives the client the opportunity to compose and design her own jewelry in infinite ways, now they also have the MY iMenso GOLD collection that you can also personalize to your style.

The designers of MY iMenso launched a new personal jewelry collection named NOMELLI! It’s name jewelry made out of gold or silver and is elegant yet playful, romantic and above all very personal. Every piece of jewelry is made exclusively for you with 3D printing techniques, and every name, initial and word can be made. If you choose for gold you can select 9k, 14k or 18k gold and this is available in three colors: yellow-, white-, and rose gold. And you can make your NOMELLI even more unique, you can embellish your jewelry with one or more real diamonds.

Below I have linked some of my favorite NOMELLI pieces so you guys can add them into your looks too!

The Iniziali "Duonomi" circle pendant

The beautiful “Duonomi” is a circle pendant from the "Iniziali" series. With NOMELLI they are able to craft any initial into a beautiful necklace that is prominently present at the front and is written with beautiful zirconia stones. You can also write 18 letters on the border, I choose for my name here. Their necklaces can be created in 14K gold (yellow, rose or white). It’s the perfect piece to layer with other necklaces or even to wear on its own as a beautiful statement piece. Not to mention, it makes the perfect gift!

Initiali "Sigillo" signet ring

I personally love NOMELLI’s initial rings the most! This Initiali "Sigillo" ring is the ultimate addition to my jewelry collection and I am in love with it. The signet style pinky ring feels traditional and almost vintage but still remains being incredibly modern and chic on the finger.

You can have a laser engraving on the inside of the ring with a maximum of 25 letters or make your ring even more beautiful by replacing the zirconia stone with a real diamond, brilliant cut. NOMELLI also has another version of the signet ring where you can put your fingerprint on it, HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Iniziali "Alleanza" ring

One of my all time favorite pieces of my personalized jewelry collection is my Iniziali "Alleanza" ring. I got it from Frank as an anniversary gift with the date when we started dating engraved on the inside of the ring, which is so sentimental to me. It’s nice and simple, the band of the ring is subtly interrupted by my initial “M” in 14K yellow gold and real diamonds, brilliant cut in the rim. I seriously wear it all the time!

Regardless of if you wear it forever or not, NOMELLI’s personalized jewelry is something you will always keep and maybe even pass down to loved ones. It’s the perfect gift to give someone else as not only is it simply adorable, but it offers a more sentimental and personal touch than just a regular piece of jewelry.

Mother’s Day is coming soon and a thoughtful piece of jewelry may be the perfect thing to get for your own mother, or another mom that you know and love! The delivery time for your NOMELLI jewelry is about 3 weeks, so hurry up to get it in time for Mother’s Day!