All you need to know about RANA hair extensions

All you need to know about RANA hair extensions

Hello Beauty Lovers!

There are a lot of women who are afraid of having hair extensions, particularly those who never had a procedure before. In reality, there is nothing to worry about, as it is the same routine treatment as a manicure or a facial. If you're going to a specialist nothing can go wrong!

But because I get a lot of questions about hair extensions I decided to write a Q&A about it. I hope to erase all of your question and doubts about hair extensions. Everyone knows my favorite brand is RANA hair extensions, they use 100% natural hair and the quality is just amazing

Which technique is best suited for my hair type?

First, you must decide if you want permanent extensions (which remains in your hair for a few months) or semi-permanent extensions (flip-in extensions that you can apply and remove as you please). The semi-permanent extension suits all types of hair. If you require permanent extensions, we recommend booking a free consultation, the specialist will check which hair extensions and hair color matches, they have 7 different extension-techniques so there will be definitely one that is most suitable for you.

Do RANA hair extensions damage your hair?

RANA hair extensions is a professional salon specialized in hair extensions and hair pieces. They are doing this for over 15 years and are the experts for both the application and removal of the hair extensions, along with the proper maintenance done by the client, there isn't any reason to result in damaged hair. The only risk that can affect the quality of long-term hair is by using a style or curling iron that is too hot.

What is the duration of my RANA hair extensions?

Without a doubt the most difficult question to answer. The life expectancy of your RANA hair extensions depends on how well you maintain and take care of them and how fast your hair grows. It also depends on which extension-system you choose. 

How to choose the right color?

Go according to the color that is closest to the tip of your hair. You will notice that this color is the one that is in contact with your extensions oppose to your roots. Still uncertain? RANA hair extensions are here to help! Simply send a photo of yourself and they will be happy to provide you with a free consultation.

How to wash your RANA hair extensions?

Always brush and detangle RANA hair extensions dry before washing with a Tangle Teezer, you can't just use any brush! Wash your hair extensions carefully always keeping your head straight. Gently massage the scalp and the attachment points of the root to the tips but never in reverse use a mild moisturizing shampoo without sulfate or silicones, we strongly recommend the RANA Care range as usual shampoos are inappropriate especially when they contain silicone and other aggressive detergent products will destroy your extensions prematurely. We recommend applying a mask (RANA majestic mask) to the lengths on each wash taking care to avoid the fixing points. Rinse your hair always keeping your head straight. Wash them at least once a week and every three days if you have oily hair. If you go to a salon, make sure that the steps mentioned above to avoid entanglement in the washing tank is respected.

How to dry your RANA hair extensions?

NEVER BRUSH, COMB OR UNRAVEL WET HAIR. Soak your RANA hair extensions wet hair gently with a towel. Then dry finger head right into the dryer from top to bottom, then proceed to the styling with the brush when 80% dry.

How to style your RANA hair extensions?

You can straighten or curl, but never leave your RANA hair extensions out to dry naturally in order to prevent them from knotting. It is extremely important to protect your own hair, but also your hair extensions against the use of styling tools. We recommend that you use a heat protection spray. This is a non-firming spray with a heat protection up to 200 degrees. Ideal to use for the use of hair dryer, style, or curling iron.

What about sleeping with RANA hair extensions?

Brush your RANA hair extensions right before you go to bed. We advise you to tie up in a bun or braid as well.

Sports and Leisure with RANA hair extensions?

You can participate in any sport or activity as long as you tie your RANA hair extensions in a bun or braid in order to prevent the possible risk of tangling. For the following sports and activities, such as swimming, jogging, biking or boating, take note that chlorine or sea water is extremely dehydrating, but not forbidden for hair extensions. So if you swim in the sea or pool, apply a hair oil or serum and do not forget to wash your extensions that same night.

Can I color my RANA hair extensions?

All RANA hair extensions can be colored darker, but this process should definitely not be abused. Also, please avoid discoloring them! This procedure will be too dehydrating for your extensions.


Unfortunately, it can also be that no extensions can be placed or certain color techniques are not possible. Causes of this are, for example, frequent hair loss, medication use, poor quality of the own hair (due to wrong coloring or permanent) or pregnancy.

The RANA specialists will be honest at all times and you will make this known. They will therefore never dye or place hair extensions if this will not be beautiful or if there are other valid reasons for not doing so. The hair extensions placed at RANA have a 1-month warranty on the quality of the hair. This only applies if the correct care products recommended by RANA have been used. After you have placed the hair extensions you will receive a maintenance and guarantee form from them.

If you have more questions about RANA hair extensions please don't hesitate to ask them! 

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