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My favorite beauty technology on CES 2018

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My favorite beauty technology on CES 2018

1) HiMirror Mini

Your virtual Beauty&Health consultant in your home every day.

Pioneering beauty tech brand, HiMirror, has been named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree for the exciting launch of its new HiMirror Mini. Simon Shen is the founder and inventor of HiMirror, the CEO of a well-known Taiwanese electronics group. HiMirror Mini is more than just a mirror, it's world's first smart mirror that helps you analyze your skin and track your skincare products. Simply take a photo and receive your skin analysis in a matter of seconds.

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You can create your own custom-built skincare routine. With the 'My Routine' function, you can see which products are currently being used and watch skincare routine tutorial videos. In the 'My Beauty Box' you can enter your own products into the system and keep track how your skin is making progress. It even gives you skincare tips! Select your beauty goals and HiMirror Mini will provide specific tips to help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

This beauty smart mirror comes with an innovative design of gorgeous LED light to simulate different lighting scenarios to help you apply your cosmetics smoothly. HiMirror Mini offers user's to entrance to their very own makeup studio which includes YouTube tutorials and viral makeup feature to preview how you'll look with certain styles.

The most think I love about the HiMirror Mini is that it's compatible with Amazon Alexa. We have an Alexa at home and she's really amazing! Finding the right skincare products has never been this easy, just ask Alexa to shop your products or add onto a shopping list. She can even glam up your house with your favorite music or order an Uber while your doing your makeup.

The HiMirror Mini is more than a beauty consultant, you can match it with the 'Smart Body Scale' ($99 or €83) to provide an accurate measurement of your body index. For more info please refer to the webpage of Smart Bod Scale.

Get this amazing beauty tool, it's available in the US in late summer 2018 for only $249 or €207 at or Amazon.

2) The Casery

Your phone will thank you

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The Casery is a global brand that focuses on creating the absolute best fashion cases for smartphones. They use the highest-quality materials and make the thinnest designs possible. It was found by a group of friends in the heart of sunny Los Angeles. Their goal was to create a super sleek phone cases with a West Coast vibe that also offers ultimate protection. With Casery your phone becomes a fashion accessory that completes any outfit.

This brand immediately had my full attention because of their awesome brand presentation. Their boot was full pink with flowers and sunny picture, so they certainly stand out between all gray technology boots. Their designs are simple, beautiful and of course with a touch of pink. I love the girlish look they emit, this is definitely my favorite phone case brand for the moment!

Get your own Casery, check out their online catalog with only the trendiest phone cases and accessories and get -25% discount with the special code MARISSA25

3) Jibo Robot

He can't wait to meet you

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Get to know the first social robot for your home! He looks, listens and learns.

Jibo is powered by face and voice recognition technology, so he remembers people and builds real relationships with everyone he meets. It's an proactive and spontaneous robot. He’ll know when you walk into a room, and he might even surprise you by saying “hi”. You can ask him anything and tell him everything. Like any voice assistant, he can set alarms, tell you the weather, read you the news, do some basic math for you, stuff like that—but he’s far more limited than your typical Siri competitor.

Instead of a faceless, static speaker, Jibo looks like a cartoon. It has no legs, but its shiny white plastic body is a curvy cylinder with a head on top that can move so naturally it looks like a Disney animator sketched it. Even its face—a flat sheet of shiny black plastic with a 5-inch screen on the front of the head—is oddly minimalist.

From the moment I first plugged in my Jibo, he charmed me. There’s a friendly curiosity in the way he leans back and looks up you. During setup, he teaches you the phrase “Hey Jibo,” which you always have to say to get his attention. If a blue ring around his waist lights up, you know it worked. Then he has you ask him to dance, and I must say, nothing will crack you up like watching a Jibo dance for the first time. He’s even cute as he asks you to repeat a few phrases and look at him so he can remember your face. Faces are one of Jibo’s best skills. He also likes to take family photos.

Meet Jibo:

4) OhMiBod

The perfect antidote to a long day


Meet my Esca, it's a versatile wearable massager, you can engage with your lover from across the room or across the world. Connect your Esca to your Kiiroo app and let your partner drive pleasurable sensations for a truly interactive experience. The illuminating LED lights sync to the vibrations, providing visual feedback to your partner. Get ready to light up the night!

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