RITUALS: New Limited Edition ss2018

Hi Beauty Lovers,

The seasons are changing and so are my favorite beauty rituals! The Ritual of Banyu, is the new summer collection of my favorite brand Rituals and they also launched an advanced, natural skin care line The Ritual of Namasté: respect for nature, respect for skin.



The Ritual of Banyu is inspired by an ancient Balinese ceremony, water and the essence of life is central to this limited edition. This ritual is dedicated to water as the flowing wisdom of life and the way in which nature cleans body, mind and soul.. It helps to release your daily physical and spiritual concerns. This summer you will certainly be able to relax well with these products.



In the collection there is a Body Scrub based on sea salt. I use this once or twice a week for a radiant, silky skin. The Body Scrub gently removes dead skin cells. Balinese sea salt has a natural purifying effect and is rich in essential minerals. Kelp is rich in vitamins and is known for the soothing effect on the skin, it is often used to give the skin a healthy shine.


The soft Foaming Shower Gel is as you know them from Rituals and provides the ultimate shower experience. This shower foam combines the purifying effect of Balinese sea salt with the revitalizing and moisturizing properties of kelp minerals. The fresh, salty fragrance makes you dream away to tropical Bali.


In the summer, the skin needs extra moisture. The revitalizing, soothing and refreshing Body Cream is suitable for all skin types. Due to the moisturizing and cooling effect, the product can also be used as an after-sun.

A special product in the summer limited edition collection is the soothing and invigorating Splash Mask, it's a new product in the range of Rituals. It has a refreshing effect when you throw infused water on the face with natural products. This face mask is rich in various extracts that let the skin shine, brighten and balance. A delicious and fast way to refresh and hydrate the skin in a short time. I use this mask once a week as part of your Rituals Skin Care routine.

Another new product is the Holy Water Drink Bottle: a drinking bottle, never seen before at Rituals. The bottle contains precious gems that enrich your water. Gemstones are known for their stimulating and purifying effect. They help improve the quality of tap water or filtered water. By always having this bottle with you and drinking it regularly, you hydrate yourself well - in a stylish way. The bottle is BPA-free and easy to clean because it consists of several parts that are dishwasher safe.

The collection contains three interior products - the Fragrance Sticks, the Parfum d'Interieur and the Kitchen Set - which provide a special home-like feeling. Use the elegant Fragrance Sticks to style your house in a natural way. You only need to spray the Parfum d'Interieur once to give a room a fresh, summery scent. Take care of your hands with the Kitchen Set, which consists of a Hand Balm and Hand Wash based on the purifying effect of Balinese sea salt and the revitalizing properties of kelp minerals.

These products are available from April 2018 at Rituals Cosmetics stores,
selected department stores and at RITUALS.com.