The Art of KIPLING - FW18

Last year KIPLING was focussen on travelling the world with their amazing travelbags, as you can read in my blog ‘KIPLING: The well known bags to travel’. This year KIPLING present its new brand direction and vision for the future, one that revolves around remaining authentic to its own heritage.

It may hard to believe that the iconic handbag and accessories brand KIPLING is already 31 years old, for those of us who grew up in the 90s, just like me! Best known for its light-weight backpacks made from crinkled nylon and its adorable monkey mascot, the Antwerp-based brand has gone from strength to strength since it began its global expansion scheme in 1996. The brand made a series of changes in its global organisational team earlier this year, who together have set a new course for Kipling’s brand vision. They have been busy creating a new look for Kipling, one which will bring the brand back to its roots and make it relevant for millennials today.

KIPLING had a big celebration event! Show your love for this amazing brand and share your favorite KIPLING bag! #Kipling

Kipling’s Fall-Winter 2018/2019 collection, which has been divided into five categories, each addressing a different segment:

  • ‘Art of Be Seen’

    Inspired by the safety and well-being of children, Kipling has given their classic SEOUL backpack for Back to School 2018 a relaunch. The result is the SEOUL GO.

The bag received an update with built-in L-light pipes, reflective materials, logo and belts. In this way, young road users will not go unnoticed even on dark days. The collection is a combination of quality, functionality and fun.

This line offers laptop bags and backpacks designed for busy working women on the go, which include removable pouches. Functional and stylish: you can store your entire possessions in an elegant way. From laptop and iPad to mobile phone, cables, pens and a bottle of water: everything has its little box and place.

Features Kipling’s New Classic range, which was inspired by the brands iconic 90s styles, such as its mini-duffel bag and backpack.

You can now choose from up to 10 different styles: three casual backpacks, three carrier bags in different sizes, a small crossbody and two duffel bags. The backpack styles are delivered in striking primary colors. The Onalo duffle offers enough space for a session to the fitness or short trips.

This collection is the result of a collaboration with the Chinese brand Helen Lee. The bags contain unique prints, are sophisticated, stylish and adventurous. The fruity touch provides a unique design for the autumn collection.

  • ‘Art of Gifting’

The 'Art of Gifting' is an early nod to the holidays. Silver and sparkle provide the festive touch.

My favorite backpack of these new FW18 collection is the ADIMUS. If you’re looking for a refined, smart-casual backpack this one is the perfect choice. It’s a flawless combination of style and functionality with a lightweight, water repellent finish for added durability. This contemporary, urban style womens rucksack has a roomy interior with plenty of pockets inside and out, making it ideal for leisure activities. Simply attach your keys to the key clip, grab it by the top handle or the adjustable straps and you’re ready for the day ahead.

The ADIMUS backpack is a part of the Edgeland collection, a place of easy going.

Be it on a day trip to explore the city, a party in the evening, or a soothing outdoor stroll, the Edgeland series is designed to complement a wild range of looks and styles. The Edgeland collection is made with a more environmentally friendly fabric. This fabric is sprayed instead of dyed, which saves water in the process. To create a new eco friendly and relaxed look.

This unisex collection brings stylish designs and harmony to the busy urban lives.

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